Málaga Cruise Bureau

Málagaport launched in 2009 Málaga Cruise Bureau, a meeting point for companies and institutions interested in the cruise traffic of the Port of Málaga, with the main goal of creating some collaborating strategies to consolidate the city as a cruise destination.

Málaga, a cruise destination
Adapting the port facilities to the new demands is important, and that point is being met by the Port of Málaga, enjoying also a privileged geographical location.

On the other hand, the destination plays a very important role too. The city and the province have an interesting position, the communications by air and land are excellent and the offer of our surrounding tourist attractions gives a lot of possibilities. However, some strategies to receive that increasing cruise traffic must be developed. The congestion in the city -accesses, visits, bus parks, etc.- or the commercial timetable should fit for a better reception of cruisers.

The idea of Málaga Cruise Bureau is born from this need.

Málaga Cruise Bureau
Málagaport, as a company responsible for the communication and promotion of cruise traffic in the Port of Málaga, among other tasks, proposed Málaga Cruise Bureau with the goal of gathering all parts interested in this kind of traffic. It intends to join forces in order to create strategies, suggest actions and offer the best tools to consolidate and increase the arrival of passengers and vessels in Málaga.

It is an instrument born to become a forum, a discussion table which will be a platform helping cruise traffic in the Port of Málaga.

Málaga Cruise Bureau is made up of Málagaport members specially interested in cruise traffic, which are the following:

Shipping Agents and port companies: Agencia Condeminas; Marmedsa; Finanzauto
Official Institutions: Port Authority; Town Hall of Málaga; SOPDE (Diputación Provincial); Chamber of Commerce
Operators: Cruceros Málaga; Cia Ad. Remolcadores; Shiprovision; Mario López
Financial Institutions: Unicaja
Water front & City: EPSA (Junta de Andalucía) "Muelle 2"; Muelle Uno - Puerto de Málaga S.A. "Muelle Uno"; Museo Picasso Málaga; Museo Thyssen Málaga
Transports: EMT; AENA; Portillo; Bus Turístico de Málaga, S.L.
Tourism: Patronato de Turismo de la Costa del Sol; APIT Málaga; Iberoservice;
Communication Companies: Avanza Comunicación

If you want to join Málaga Cruise Bureau, just fill in the form in the "How to join Málagaport" section from our web site.

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